Submit A Wedding

How to submit a wedding for publication on the Grand Strand Wedding Blog

Please fill out the following questionnaire so that your pictures can be posted to the Grand Strand Bride real wedding blog.

For Photographers

If you are a photographer, you can send a link to this form directly to your bride or groom for them to fill out. If you already have a great wedding story with a q&a from the bride or groom ready to go, instead of filling out each form field, you can skip to the bottom and paste the whole wedding story in the “Other Details” field.

You also need to send me a link (for example Dropbox) where I can download the pictures to post, or use the form field below. Please no more than 50 pictures and make them all unique. For example, I don’t need multiple pictures of the bride’s dress or a certain detail. Just pick one that is your favorite. I also won’t sharpen or change the look of your images like some other blogs do, with the exception of compression for the web.

For Brides and Grooms

Please give me the story of your wedding using the form fields below. All fields are optional, they don’t all have to be filled out. If you list all your vendors, they will be credited in the blog post as well! If your photographer sent you this link, then you only need to answer the q&a sections, he or she will send me your pictures. If you do send me a link to your pictures in the last form field, then I also need a copyright release from the photographer to post your pictures. Thanks so much!