About this site

Who created and manages this site?

This website was created by local photographer Ryan Smith. I enjoy website development and I’m quite skilled at html, css and wordpress itself. I’ve had an idea for a while now of creating a directory of great wedding vendors for the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area. With Covid-19 I had some extra time for side projects so I decided to create this site. 

Ryan and his wife Liz in the Photo Booth at a wedding

Why did you make this site?

My goal for this site is to let everyone that is a really good wedding vendor in the area make a free listing. The best thing as a local photographer is to have good relationships with the other vendors. So if I can make a website that is good for everyone, it ends up helping me as well.

Do you allow listings from anyone?

I’ve been a wedding vendor myself for over 11 years, so I can quickly tell the difference between someone that does quality work and a fly-by-night company. The main thing is you need to have a business license for the area that you list in. If I start to get a lot of spam or low-quality listings, I will begin to delete some if necessary. I just want everyone on this site to do a great job for any bride that picks them.

How do I pay for the site?

Right now, this is just a hobby and I host it on the same server as my photography website. If the site gets popular, I may add some advertising or possibly promoted listings to help with the cost. But it’s not an issue at the moment.

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