Michael and Nichole’s wedding at Sunnyside Plantation

Our love story began right here in Horry County, back in 2015. I had just started a new job for a company that had relocated here from Connecticut. Mike had been with the company for several years already, and decided to make the journey and relocate with them. Some flirtatious banter was exchanged back and forth over lunch breaks for several months. We were in the same office for 4 months before we took the plunge into an office romance. I’d only told one friend secretly that I had a bit of a crush and she said she didn’t think I’d be his type! I had completely convinced myself it was a terrible idea to date someone from work when something came over me and I invited Mike out one night. He declined. I was starting to worry that he might guess I was after him. He did guess, but a week later I finally worked up enough nerve to ask him out again. Finally, he accepted!

After discovering a mutual love of sports, concerts, amongst many other things the rest is history! 4 years worth of memories later and we’ve traveled to numerous places, graduated college, sold a house and moved in together, and introduced a new kitten into our family. A year and a half ago, in December, Mike finally popped the question after a late night bowling adventure. He said, “If you beat me I’ll give you a present early.” Well, you can only guess what the present was. I was totally surprised, in complete shock and for once in my life, at a loss for words. Of course, I said YES! We can’t wait to see what this exciting new chapter has in store for us. Why we chose to get married when we did, where, and the theme: We chose to get married on December 7th, 2019.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a procrastinator, so I knew that it would take me a year to fully plan the wedding of our dreams. I also knew that Mike, being from Connecticut, would never make it through a summer wedding, in the South, with a full suit on. So, December was the perfect temperature for us both. It’s not to hot and it’s not to cold. We chose Sunnyside Plantation as our venue. The venue sets the tone and overall aesthetic of the day. The plantation house, oak trees, and marsh were exactly what we had envisioned when we had started planning our wedding.

We both enjoy the outdoors, and love being on and near the water. We wanted a very intimate wedding with our closest friends and family there. We went with rich, bold and romantic colors. We picked a palette of two focal colors: cranberry and navy, and three supporting colors and tones: amethyst, gold, and blush. Those colors all have a sense of sensuality and vibrancy about them, but also some autumn coziness and warmness which is just perfect for wedding décor and style.

We wanted to have a multi-dimensional and textured design so different types of materials, textures, and metallics were a must! At the end of the day, choosing our wedding colors, theme and venue all came down to what made us happy. We were planning a celebration, after all, so we wanted to be sure to make it something that we would love and cherish forever. We knew the more we showcased the details of ourselves as individuals, and as a couple, the more included and celebratory our guests would feel. So, it was truly magical and a personal reflection of the two of us. It was the best day ever!


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